Pre-engineered control panels

IER Services sells pre-engineered control panels that are UL listed combination motor controllers. They are easy-to-install panels that offer cost-effective and reliable operation using high quality components. Pre-engineered control panels are perfect  when short deliveries are required.  pre-engineered control panels

Electric motors consume almost 50% of the world's electricity. With the cost of energy rising steadily, industry is focused on replacing inefficient constant-speed motors and drives with microprocessor-based, variable-speed drives.

This new motor-control technology will reduce energy consumption by more than 30% compared to the older drives. While these variable-speed controllers add cost to a motor, the forecasted energy savings and increased motor functionality should easily offset those initial expenses within a few years.

IER provides sales & services on various types of electromechanical devices from many manufacturers. To learn more:

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We  are available for scheduled pump & motor maintenance, emergency service, start-up, repairs, and retrofits for all makes and models, everything from multi-stage centrifugal pumps for submerged oilfields to booster pumps for irrigation systems.

IER Services is proud to be able to deliver a high level of customer service. We keep your rotating equipment running correctly and efficiently while minimizing your total lifetime maintenance and operation costs.

We are the leader in commercial and industrial pump & motor repair and sales in Central Ohio and the surrounding area. 

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