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Apr 22, 2020 10:21:26 AM

Recognize Bearing Failure in Your Rotating Machinery

Bearing failure is one of the biggest reasons for rotating equipment breakdowns. Precision ball bearings are designed to last a long time, assuming the application is correct. However, to achieve maximum longevity, the bearings must be installed correctly, lubricated and maintained on a regular basis.

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Apr 16, 2020 9:16:01 AM

IER Can Replace Your Broken Electric Motors

If your electric motor is broken and beyond repair, IER Services can replace it.  We carry  cost-effective low voltage AC motors that serve heavy duty industrial, and lighter duty applications. 

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Mar 17, 2020 3:05:08 PM

Speed Reducers

Speed reducers are mechanical devices generally used for two purposes. The primary use is to multiply the amount of torque generated by an input power source to  increase the amount of usable work.

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Jan 22, 2020 1:22:05 PM

Save Time & Money by Reducing Bearing Corrosion on Industrial Equipment

Whatever your industry, you're probably looking for ways to increase productivity, prevent unplanned downtime, and lower your total cost of operation. Decreasing the corrosion of bearings in your equipment can help you increase your efficiency. 

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Jan 20, 2020 8:50:17 AM

Need a Zoeller Pump Repaired?

IER Services can repair or replace your Zoeller Pump Co. equipment. Founded in a basement in 1939, Zoeller is one of the oldest family-owned water pump manufacturers in North America. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, they are a leader in the wastewater industry.  

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Jan 13, 2020 11:35:04 AM

IER Can Repair Your WorldWide Electric Motors

IER Services can repair or replace your motors from WorldWide Electric Corporation. Out of Rochester, NY., WorldWide is a leading manufacturer of industrial electric motors.

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Dec 7, 2019 1:49:39 PM

Rotating Machinery & Gear Reducers & Gear Drives

When an electric motor needs the output speed reduced and/or torque increased, gears are often used to do this.  A speed reducer, also known as gear drives, gearboxes and transmission reducers,  slow electrical currents in power transmission to protect against surges, and to make dangerous levels usable for normal applications. 

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Sep 12, 2019 7:20:00 AM

We're Celebrating 8 Years of Growth

IER Services (Industrial Electromechanical Repair Services) was founded in 2011 to fill a need for fast, effective, repair services of electromechanical devices of all types including AC and DC motors, pumps, variable frequency drives, and more. 

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Aug 19, 2019 1:04:51 PM

How to Extend the Life of Your Motors

A comprehensive preventive maintenance program is the key to extending the life of your motors and generators. Unscheduled stoppage of production or long repair shutdowns are intolerable in today’s plant operations. Profits fall from the downtime.

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May 29, 2019 7:48:00 AM

Baldor Electric Company is now ABB

ABB has integrated the Baldor Electric Company name into its global ABB brand as a part of its Next Level strategy, which includes harmonizing different ABB-owned brands under the global ABB master brand.  Baldor Electric Company, a member of the ABB group for more than seven years, will be known as ABB.

“This represents yet another great step in building a market-focused, lean organization and unifying the ABB brand across the globe,” said Sami Atiya, President of ABB’s Robotics and Motion division, which includes the organization currently known as Baldor. “With aligning all of our activities under the ABB brand we are delivering on our Next Level Strategy to unlock value by streamlining and strengthening our portfolio.”

As ABB, the organization will continue to manufacture, design and market the product brands of Baldor-Reliance® motors and Dodge® mechanical power transmission products from 15 U.S. manufacturing locations.

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