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An electrical control panel  (also known as a panel board, breaker panel, or electric control panel) is a component of an electrical supply system that divides MCC motor control centers.pngan electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits.
Industrial control panels covered by UL product category NITW are factory-wired assemblies of industrial control equipment, such as motor controllers, switches, relays and auxiliary devices.
These panels may also include a means to disconnect and protective motor branch-circuit devices such as branch circuit, short circuit and ground fault protection. 
The control panel can  be  a programmable logic controller (PLC)  that is a digital computer ,  a distributed control system (DCS), a relay system or other type. It delivers a digital signal to the MCC panel to start the motor. 
A motor control center (MCC) consists of one or more vertical metal cabinet sections with power bus and provision for plug-in mounting of individual motor controllers.
Very large controllers may be bolted in place but smaller controllers can be unplugged from the cabinet for testing or maintenance.
Each motor controller contains a contactor or a solid-state motor controller, overload relays to protect the motor and fuses or a circuit breaker to provide short-circuit protection, and a disconnecting switch to isolate the motor circuit.
Three-phase power enters each controller through separable connectors. The motor is wired to terminals in the controller. Motor control centers provide wire ways for field control and power cables.
A MCC can include variable frequency drives (VFDs), programmable controllers, and metering and may also be the electrical service entrance for the building.
Motor control centers are used in the factory assembly of several motor starters. A motor control center consists of feeders for motors and blowers. Feeders are designed according to the motor rating.
They are used in many industrial and commercial applications. Processes that are dusty or corrosive may have the MCC installed in a separate air-conditioned room. Generally the  MCC will be installed on the factory floor adjacent to the machinery it is  controlling. 
IER Services is UL 508A  panel shop. A UL 508A panel shop certification allows a panel shop to independently design and produce UL Panels and apply a UL label. Each Label UL 508 certified-small.pngcertifies adherence to a known safety standard and is traceable to the panel shop that produced it.
IER Services can supply control panels that monitor the status of all the variables relevant to your specific application. This includes devices used to monitor the process for control, and all safety devices used for alarms and shutdown, such as permissive switches, temperature alarms, pressure alarms and more.
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