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Jun 19, 2017 8:29:00 AM

How Often should you align your rotating machinery?

Misaligned rotating machinery can be very costly to companies as it causes damage to machinery, production slow downs and/or losses and high energy bills. It has been reported that misalignment is the most common cause of machinery malfunction. Poorly aligned machinery can account for 20% to 30% of machine down time, replacement parts and energy costs.

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May 23, 2017 6:41:52 AM

Soft Foot Distortion

At IER Services, one of our specialties is shaft alignment.  Soft foot is one of the most common problems  found in rotating machinery alignment. If not corrected, this can make an alignment job much more difficult and sometimes impossible. 
Soft foot is a common term used for machine frame distortion. The distortion is caused when one or more feet of a machine differ in height from the others.    It can cause the movable machinery to change position, both vertically and horizontally, during the tightening process.
Causes of soft foot distortion:
• Frame is warped or bent it can cause soft foot.
• Baseplate that is warped or bent.
• Foundation is uneven.
• Wrong number of shims under machine feet.
• Machine feet are dirty or have trash under them. 
• Dents or other flaws in machine base or machine feet.
• Excessive tension on machine feet due to jack bolts warping the machine feet.
Most likely the problem it is a combination of  several of the above issues. Proper alignment of direct-coupled machinery is an essential element for the reliability of a new or repaired rotating machinery.  Not correcting a problem can result in frame or casing distortion, a  reduction in your machinery's reliability and efficiency, and increased vibration levels.
IER Services  (Industrial Electromechanical Repair Services) can provide fast, effective, electromechanical machinery repairs.

We offer machine laser alignment inspections and analysis, advanced tooling and machine installations for AC and DC motors, pumps, variable frequency drives, and more. We cover Central Ohio and surrounding areas.
Our alignment services will:
• Reduce Scrap and Waste
• Decrease Unplanned Machine Downtime
• Improve Equipment and Process Line Efficiency
• Lower Your Operating Costs

Signs of poor alignment:
• Leaking Seals
• Bearing Failure
• Shaft Erosion
• Vibration and more
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Apr 14, 2016 8:05:13 AM

Baldor Dodge Vertical Gearmotor (VGM)

When Baldor Electric introduced a  new addition to their  gear reducer product line, the Baldor•Dodge Vertical Gearmotor (VGM), they provided a cost effective alternative to the common low speed vertical pump drive technologies, which utilize large, high pole count vertical motors or a combination of horizontal motors with a right angle gear reducer.

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