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Do You Know About Permanent Magnet DC Motors (PMDC Motor)?
The working principle of a DC motor is based on the premise that  when a current carrying Permanent Magnet DC Motor conductor is placed inside a magnetic field, there will be mechanical force experienced by that conductor.  The magnetic field is established by using a magnet.  Depending on the type of magnet used, it may be an electromagnet or a permanent magnet.

An electric motor that uses permanent magnets does not have field windings that serve as electromagnets on the stator frame. Instead, the permanent magnets on the stator frame provide the magnetic fields that interact with the rotor field to produce torque.

WorldWide Electric Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) motors are ideal for applications that require simple variable speed control and reliable construction.

The WorldWide Electric Variable Speed DC Controls (available separately) can be used to easily convert an AC voltage source to create an all-around affordable PMDC solution for your unique application needs. These PMDC motors feature IP54 protection, Class F Insulation, a 20:1 speed range at constant torque, and high starting torque.

The included brushes are rated for 2500 hours, and the 180 Volt and 90 Volt motors include one set of replacement brushes and brush springs. The 12 Volt and 24 Volt models are intended for applications where low voltage DC power is supplied by batteries or generators.

When you are thinking of replacing your old commercial motor, consider a Worldwide Electric Motor. At IER Services, we're excited to be partnering with Worldwide Electric, to provide our customers reliable and affordable equipment quickly. The Worldwide Electric brand has been trusted for over 20 years.

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