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As a partner with WorldWide Electric, IER Services can offer the motor controls that you need to ensure  your motor is properly protected while controlling starting, stopping, and operating speed.

Our inventory of motor controls includes chassis and enclosed variable frequency drives, chassis and enclosed soft starters, across the line starters, contactors and overload relays, pilot devices, and heavy duty disconnect switches.

In addition to reputable WorldWide Electric brand products, we also carry Hyundai Electric, Siemens, and Hubbell brands. 

Soft Starters  softstarters

The rise in current caused by starting up an electric motor drops voltage, and can lead to shortages in other electronics. Soft starters temporarily reduce the load and torque during startups and shutdowns to provide a gradual power ramp to prevent shortages. WorldStart chassis and enclosed soft starters feature a variety of components designed to serve the applications of many industries.

There are also Soft start Packages available. The WorldStart Series includes the WorldStart Non-Combination (WSNC), WorldStart Standard Duty (WSSD), WorldStart Heavy Duty (WSHD), and WorldStart Positive Displacement (WSPD) soft start panels. All WorldStart panels feature the WorldStart IQ soft starter.

  • NEMA 4 Enclosure     softstarter package
  • True 3 Phase Starter
  • 120 VAC Control Voltage
  • Output up to 500 HP

When you buy your WorldWide Electric products from IER Services, you know that they are backed by exceptional technical support. Our highly knowledgeable team is available during standard business hours for basic programming and troubleshooting assistance and 24/7, including weekends and holidays, for emergency breakdown support.

Call 614-298-1600 to learn more. 


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