Our dynamic motor balancing service, which can be carried out on-site, or in our workshop, uses the latest computer technology to monitor your equipment and insure that it operates in the required industry tolerances. Dynamic balancing significantly reduces the likelihood of mechanical wear and tear while it  extends the life of your motor.

IER Services can  provide a wide range of condition monitoring tools and dynamic balance service. If severe electromechanical vibrations are left undetected they can cause failures that may lead to a loss of production and damage to your motors and equipment. 

Our technicians  will pinpoint vibrations and imbalance. They will measure the degree and the frequencies, the positions and determine the cause of the imbalance.    dynamic_balancing.png

  • Reduced Vibration Performance
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Noise Reduction
  • Better Performance
  • more 

IER Services offers additional services that our customers have requested such as diagnostic services, vibration analysis, thermal-imaging, laser alignment, and advanced winding analysis.  These tools help us to determine quickly where the problem is, and often we can fix it on site! 

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