Laser shaft Alignment

High-tech machinery requires laser alignment services for optimal performance. More than 50% of machine breakdown is caused by lack of alignment.  laser_alignment.png

Alignment can be done utilizing several methods and tools, such as calipers, dial indicators or laser systems.  Laser shaft alignment is the fastest and most accurate of the options.

Our alignment services will:

  • Reduce Scrap and Waste
  • Decrease Unplanned Machine Downtime
  • Improve Equipment and Process Line Efficiency
  • Lower Your Operating Costs

Signs of poor alignment:

    • Leaking Seals
    • Bearing Failure
    • Shaft Erosion
    • Vibration
    • and more

IER Services (Industrial Electromechanical Repair Services) can  provide fast, effective, electromechanical machinery repairs.

We offer machine laser alignment inspections and analysis, advanced tooling  and machine installations for  AC and DC motors, pumps, variable frequency drives, and more.  We cover Central Ohio and surrounding areas. 

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